what is my life
Hi! I'm Madison from Texas!
I'm 16. I am a complete Fangirl. I love sci-fi, Superwholock, Disney, Avatar and more! I am beginning to think that updating my info will be impossible because of new fandoms that I keep joining. so I am going to stop trying. So I will just say I might possibly and probably will be in (put fandom here) <---this fandom. thank you.

3Ds friend code: 4398-8983-4678

Character Adaptations- Snow White

Snow White- The Brothers Grimm

Snow White- Walt Disney

Snow White- The Fairest of them All (2001)

Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard- Once Upon a Time (2011)

Snow White- Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

Apple White- Ever after High (2013)