my heart hurts
Hi! I'm Madison from Texas!
I'm 16. I am a complete Fangirl. I love sci-fi, Superwholock, Disney, Avatar and more! I am beginning to think that updating my info will be impossible because of new fandoms that I keep joining. so I am going to stop trying. So I will just say I probably will be in (put fandom here) <---this fandom. thank you.
OTP's: Zutara and Makorra

New Exclusive Book 4 Clip


f’real, I saw this gif:

and was like, that’s kinda innocent. the dry-humping was extra, but you did need to look over him for the clicker despite you saying it over and over again as you climbed all over him

but then I see this shit from the other angle and:

girl, that’s not the clicker, that’s his booty, who are you trying to fool?




The only nail polish for me


The only nail polish for me

book 1 —> book 4

Jensen getting into character at JIB Con 2011 & 2012








so i bought this ring that has a little hinge and it opens up to a tiny secret box hidden under the gem and my mom told me that women used to put poison in it and then SLIP POISON INTO PEOPLES DRINKS and i was like NUH UH THIS CANT BE REAL and i just googled it and guys this is like a real thing

people are psycho

I have a few of those. I think they’re really neat!

classiest way to poison someone hands down

That’s how it all goes down in Hamlet, poison ring.

I’ve always, always wanted one of these because I have pure peppermint liquid that can ruin a drink with one drop and just kargfksernjskrn I want one.

wait why does everyone want one of these

what are all of you people planning

i regret making this post because i have been getting the creepiest reblogs in the universe seriously tumblr u scary

Grease, 1978

Grease, 1978


Roseanne 1996 // S8: EP 15 //Dan and his buddies talk about race and sexual orientation